How should I get my boat ready to be detailed?

clean boat 300x225 If your boat is at a marina or boatyard, you will merely need to call to advise them we are coming and to place your boat on blocks or supports (shaded area if possible) with access to a hose bib and an electrical outlet.  If your boat is on a trailer, just make sure we have access to the boat. If you live in a gated community then you will need to call the guard or management company and place Florida Boat Detailing LLC on your vendor list.  When your boat is on dry land, servicing is ideal to do hull compounding and gelcoat restoration.

Remove as many items from the boat as bossible. This includes, on the boat deck, storage areas, consoles, fishing gear, unused ropes/lines, boat cover, etc. This will enable the boat detailers to get to all areas necessary to clean and detail your boat.


Florida Boat Detailing - Boats & Reflections from Florida Drone LLC.

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