Should I detail my own boat?

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Of course you can, but ask yourself these questions first:

  • Do I have the ability to constantly bend, stoop, kneel, push, twist, reach, climb, stand, grasp, crouch, lift, and engage in repetitive wiping motions?
  • Can I do these tasks from various angles and body positions for long periods of time during the heat of the day?
  • Do I have the right tools and supplies for the job?
  • If not, what will be my costs?
  • Can I operate a machine buffer with the proper technique to remove oxidation with minimal swirl marks or burning the gelcoat?
  • Do I have the time and patience to do the job, learn the processes and procedures, and to acquire the most appropriate and suitable products and chemicals?

The tools and supplies you will need will vary and should be the most appropriate for your boat. Let’s assume your boat is not too far gone requiring a multi step wet sanding process, but it still requires a bit more than a two step micropolish and wax. If this is the case your boat will need a good compounding. The compounding product, pad and technique should take into account how much of the gelcoat needs cutting to remove just enough to get down to a clean flat surface. While it is certainly relatively thicker than automotive paint, gelcoat is nonetheless quite thin. Using the right compound requires product knowledge and sometimes requires mixing two products together to get the best result. Think in terms of sandpaper grit levels and you’ll get the idea. Going harder or heavier in some spots and/or using too many passes with your machine may result in refraction (a visual phenomenon based on surface medium changes) and possibly losing forever that true mirror like finish. And, heaven forbid, cutting to deep may expose the underling fiberglass. On the opposite spectrum, press too lightly, use a poor technique or too soft a foam cutting pad and you’ll accomplish less than desirable results. The likely outcome will be sealing over microscopic pores during the wax application, resulting in degradation and the premature reappearance of chalky oxidation (white rust). We suggest you first do some test spots in a few taped off 1' x 1' squares using different compounds and cutting pads while literally “dialing in” the rpm speed on your buffer. Stay away from cheap equipment because power, efficacy, shelf life and decibel levels really do matter. A do it yourself boat detailer should expect to pay $300 -$500 or more on the buffer,backing plates and pads alone. The average retail price for a quart of 3M’s Imperial Compound is about $60. Now add the prices for polish, wax, soap, cleaners, degreaser, removers, protectants, repellants, and an assortment of brushes, chamois, sponges, Scotch pads, and cloths for a rough idea of your total payout. Florida Boat Detailing LLC offers free estimates, reasonable prices and ongoing personalized maintenance plans.  Let us do the hard work and take the drudgery out of your life. Florida Boat Detailing LLC detailers have professional training that put them at a level far above the average boat owner. We attend the trade shows. We read the magazines. We take the classes. We practice on their own boats. We chat in the online detailing forums. So take no offense! You wouldn't try at-home dentistry or do-it-yourself spine surgery, would you? Leave it to the professionals, Florida Boat Detailing LLC!


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