Is Poly Glow an Alternative I Should Consider?

polyglow 280x373 Traditionally, boat waxes, cleaners, and compounds have been used to restore aged gelcoat. The problem is they wash away and don't last very long unless you hire a professional boat detailer to do the job. We suggest Florida Boat Detailing LLC. Just ask anyone who has spent hours of arm straining and back breaking work to apply wax, only to have the surface return to it's aged look within a few months or even weeks. As fiberglass ages, UV rays from the sun change the gelcoat finish - the surface becomes microscopically pitted so that light, instead of being reflected in one direction becomes scattered, reflecting back in random directions, creating a dull and faded appearance. The Poli Glow process first clears the microscopic voids of the collection of accumulated compounds, waxes, oxidation and grime; then the Poli Glow fills those voids and produces a "like wet" surface reflection superior to any wax available! Poli Glow is not a wax, it is a UV protective clear coat that has been independently proven to have a shine 5 times that of the best waxes on the market. Not only that, but it also maintains that shine for up to a year and more. Say goodbye to buffing, Poli Glow is a different animal. There are some things to consider when deciding to go with Poly Glow.

  • Bad:
  • It is very difficult to remove after 3 years
  • You must re-coat with PolyGlow every year.
  • Good:
  • It is VERY shiny
  • No more waxing needed
  • Washing your boat becomes easier

If you are considering Poly Glow as an alternative for your boat, get a professional boat detailer to apply it for you. Yes, you can do it yourself, but without proper care and use while applying this product, you can badly damage your boat. Contact Florida Boat Detailing today to get advice and suggestions to see if Poly Glow is right for you and your boat.


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