For boats under 25 feet, see packages below(All Packages below are customizable)

For boats over 25 feet, please contact us for a quote.




Basic Wash Wash hull and topside, clean gutter tracks, clean and dry windows and brightwork.


Min $50.00

Detail Wash Same as Basic Wash, remove mildew from seats and cushions, and clean compartments and hatches.  $8.50/foot
Premium Wash Same as Detail Wash, plus condition seats and cushions, remove surface rust, clean canvas and isinglass(includes protectant), and polish brightwork. $13.00/foot
Premium Wash & Wax Same as Premium Wash, plus wax smooth gelcoat on hull and topside (from the waterline up if in the water or from the bottom sides of the hull and up if out of the water. This does NOT include barnacle removal or the chine) $17.00/foot
Premium Wash, Compound & Wax Same as Premium Wash & Wax, plus Compound and Wax all gelcoat surfaces(from the waterline up if in the water or from the bottom sides of the hull up if out of the water. This does NOT include barnacle removal or the chine) $23.00/foot

 Compound & Wax(exterior only)

Compound & wax hull and topside. (Does not include interior cleaning.) $17.00/foot

Pontoon/Sponson Polish

(Does not include barnacle removal)

Outside Only 
 Call for quote
Cabin Cleaning Vacuum, complete wipe down walls and ceiling, clean mirrors, refrigerator, cabinets, counters, sinks, vinyl $50/hour
Trailer Wash Clean Trailer and Wheels  $2.50/foot

Prices may vary depending on your boats location and condition. If the boat has not been cleaned in a while, the initial cleaning/detailing price may be higher than the above prices. We will look at the condition of the boat and provide you with an estimate. Also, see Terms and Use Agreement.

All boats must be paid in full upon completion of the job. No exceptions!!!

How do we determine pricing? For example, if your boat is 24 feet long and requires compound and wax (exterior only), this covers 1 pass of compounding and 1 coat of wax. The price will be $17.00 per foot. But if your boat requires 2 passes of compound, the price goes up. Or if your boat has a tall hull (taller than average), the price goes up. Or if we have to compound 3 times before to remove deep scratches before we wax, the price goes up even more. Our prices listed above are based on average sized boats in good condition.

If your boat is stored at a marina, we reserve the right to add 10% to the price for marina fees.

A 50% deposit is required on all jobs exceeding $1,000 to assist with labor and material costs.  

Boat Minding (Volusia County Pricing): 

  • Individual Visit: $45
  • Biweekly (2 visits per month): $80
  • Weekly (4 visits per month): $150
  • Storm Damage Check: $50
  • Meet with service techs or other: $45
  • Emergency Visit: $75
  • Start Engine: $50 (per visit)
  • Clean A/C basket/strainer: $25 each
  • Charge batteries: $10 (per visit plus individual visit)

Travel:  We do charge for travel outside the Volusia County area. We will determine the driving time, gas mileage and possible hotel stay to give you a price.


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