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Professional mobile boat detailing and yacht management services in Central FL.

All washes include washing the boat, cleaning under hatches, and all gutter tracks when accessible. We remove salt, bird droppings, water stains, and all dirt. We also dry all windows and brightwork. Florida Boat Detailing offers one-time washes and recurring washes according to a schedule you prefer.

Most boat owners never notice all the little things that are involved in a professional detail. Florida Boat Detailing LLC offers full-service yacht detailing for boat owners. We provide one-time services as well as regular programs custom-tailored to our customer’s individual needs and budget!

At Florida Boat Detailing, we offer a comprehensive range of services to rejuvenate and safeguard your boat. Our expert team specializes in compounding, polishing, and waxing, aimed at eradicating oxidation, restoring your boat’s radiant appearance, and fortifying it against environmental wear and tear.

Our Recurring Wax List Program is the best way to ensure your boat is being taken care of. We schedule detailing services for your boat on a set schedule, depending on your boat’s needs. Prices are all based on your first detailing!

To keep your boat looking brand new, we clean and brighten teak decks. We do NOT paint or clear-coat teak wood. It damages the wood by separating the wood grains and it can never be fixed.

Interior cushions can become musty over time, blemished by spills, and invaded by mildew. We can fix all of that and keep your boat looking like it’s in prime condition!

Yacht and Boats are checked regularly during foul weather, where and when permissible, and checked following the passage of a significant weather event. All vessels under a current service contract with Florida Boat Detailing LLC will have first priority for Hurricane prep.

Boat enthusiasts are all too familiar with the challenging underwater conditions and external contaminants that can wreak havoc. Undrdog Marine Coating provides a robust defense against corrosion triggered by saltwater, hull fouling due to algae or shell buildup, and ongoing shielding from the harmful effects of UV rays caused by sun exposure.

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