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Professional mobile boat detailing and yacht management services in Central FL.

Boat Washing

All washes include washing the boat (from the waterline up if in the water or what we can get to if out of the water), cleaning under hatches, and all gutter tracks when accessable. We remove salt, bird droppings, water stains and all dirt. We also dry all windows and brightwork. Florida Boat Detailing offers one-time washes and recurring washes according to a schedule you prefer.One of the keys to boat maintenance is also one of the simplest- have your boat washed and waxed regularly.

Routine cleaning facilitate a more pleasant and organized boating environment, but it also goes a long way towards counteracting the long-term effects wear and tear. Keeping a regular boat detailing schedule will also go a long way toward preserving the beauty, functionality, and resale value of your vessel. You or your Florida Boat Detailer will be able to spot potential problems that may need immediate action, thereby saving you from having to shell out a huge sum for repair or replacement in case the issue gets worse in the future. You don’t want your boat breaking down in the middle of a fishing trip or family occasion. Ask us about our regularly scheduled Florida Boat Detailing services!
Why You Should Use a Professional Boat Detailing Company on a Regular Basis

Boat Compounding and Waxing

Florida Boat Detailing provides compounding, polishing, and waxing services to remove oxidation, restore your boat’s shine, and provide protection from the elements. We will assess the level of oxidation on the gel coat, the quality, and thickness of the gel coat, and then determine the steps necessary to bring the shine back to your boat. It will be a customized combination of compounds and/or sanding that can cut through the oxidation leaving an immaculate finish. We will polish the gel coat to remove swirls and holograms with a pad and polish combination specific to your boat. Finally, we finish up the service with the protection of your choice. We offer waxes, sealants, and ceramics to protect your investment. Waxes typically last about 3 months, sealants 4-6 months, and ceramics up to 24 months. Contact us today for a free estimate and ask about the different protection options for your boat.

Typical results of our boat detailing (the picture on left)

Best results are achieved from monthly care. Ask us about our “Wax List”!

Boat Detailing

Detailing services include:

  • Buffing and Polishing with Marine Grade Products
  • Protecting the Finish with Waxes, Sealants or Ceramic Coatings
  • Remove all accessable light rust stains inside and out
  • Clean and protect all vinyl, leather and plastic (seats and cushions)
  • Clean and polish windshields and glass
  • Clean all canvas and outdoor carpeting
  • Interior – vacuum, wipe all surfaces, clean windows, seats and carpeting.
  • Polish all brightwork
  • Clean and protect Isinglass/Strataglass

Teak Deck Cleaning

We know you want every aspect of your boat to look good, so we even clean and brighten teak decks whether it just requires a soap and water wash or a two-step acidic cleaner and brightener. We can get your dingy-looking teak back to that beautiful honey color it should be!

Interior Boat Cleaning

Interior cleaning services consist of a top to bottom cleaning. This includes cleaning the toilet, head, sinks, walls, vacuuming and/or deep clean carpets, dusting and polishing wood, mirrors, removing stains from carpeting, and cleaning inside all hatches and compartments.

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