Why You Should Use a Boat Detailing Company

Professional mobile boat detailing and yacht management services in Central FL.

Almost EVERY boat owner should use a boat detailing company. There are many, many benefits to hiring a boat detailing company and we will list a few on the most important ones here.

Why you should use a boat detailing company on a regular basis:

  • Your boat gets a thourough look-thru on a scheduled basis (keeping you up-to-date on its needs)
  • Keeps its value much longer
  • It saves you a lot of money in the long run
  • A freshly waxed hull reduces drag (saves in fuel consumption)
  • Preserves resale value and the boats water-tight integrity
  • Maintains a beautiful appearance
  • Counteracts and reduces the long-term effects wear and tear
  • Extends the boat’s life
  • Reduces depreciation
  • Greatly reduces marine growth
  • Facilitates a more pleasant and organized boating environment
  • Gel-coat lasts much longer
  • Paint lasts much longer
  • Bugs don’t like clean boats
  • Your boating guests will respect how well you take care of the boat
  • Other boat owners will be jealous
  • 98% of all boat owners do not properly care for their boats
  • “Professionals Only” grade products are used to care for your boat
  • Your boat will last many years longer
  • You will appreciate spending more time on your detailed boat
  • General maintanance issues become much easier to remember
  • You will spend quality time on the boat instead of cleaning the boat
  • We are professionally trained to care for your boat
  • We get to know your boat and know when problems begin to show (most likely before you will even notice)
  • We know how to care for your teak wood (if you have any)
  • We can “boat mind” (baby-sitting) your boat during significant weather
  • We constantly bend, stoop, kneel, push, twist, reach, climb, stand, grasp, crouch, lift, and engage in repetitive wiping motions as we detail your boat. Can you?
  • We have the right tools and supplies for detailing your boat
  • We have the patience to do the job right every time
  • We MAKE time for your boat. Will you?
  • We clean and detail your boat without harming it
  • We take the hard work and drudgery out of owning a boat
  • We can remove oxidation and swirl marks without burning through the gel-coat or paint
  • We know how to mix special compounds just for your boat
  • Our only job is boat detailing and we are the best at it
  • We know trade secrets that you don’t
  • We take the classes, read the magazines, speak with boat people, speak in forums and much more. We know boats

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